The service was launched in partnership with e-mas, a gold trading platform founded by online jewelry platform ORORI.

Through the platform, registered Tokopedia users will be able to monitor global gold price fluctuation in real-time.

In addition to buying gold, they will also be able to save, sell, and redeem their gold once it has reached the minimum quota of one gram.

Users can start buying gold for as low as IDR500 (US$0.03), and there will be no additional registration or know-your-customer (KYC) process for registered Tokopedia users.

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In a press statement, Tokopedia Managing Director Melissa Siska Juminto explained that the launch of the platform is part of the company’s commitment in “making it easier” for their users to “start and find anything on the Tokopedia platform, including investment solutions.”

“This is one of the ways we use to promote financial inclusion through digital innovation,” she said.

Gold remains a popular investment in the Indonesian society.

According to a CNN Indonesia report, gold investment is still being considered a “prospective” long-term investment for “moderate and conservative” investors.

In June 2017, Tokopedia’s direct competitor Bukalapak has launched its own gold trading platform BukaEmas.

There are also other fintech startups in Indonesia that offers gold trading service, such as the sharia-based Tamasia, which was launched in October 2017