Speaking as a guest lecturer at the University of Indonesia's Faculty of Economics on Friday, Wimboh said the fintech center aims at fostering and overseeing all fintech companies in Indonesia. This is to prevent holes in the arrangement and supervision of the fintech industry.

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Wimboh said that digital economy is unavoidable and has become a need. Fintech companies, he said, exist to provide services in various fields, including banking systems.

Nevertheless, he added, fintechs must also protect consumers and all fintech companies must be licensed and supervised. "The providers have to be registered; they cannot issue a product without permits".

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If all companies are licensed, they become more transparent to the public and the government. This is also aimed at protecting customers.

Wimboh said there are currently 24 peer-to-peer (P2P) lending companies with permits. Sixteen of them are local companies and eight are international. 

Thirty-one more P2P lending companies have also applied to get licenses from the OJK.