The private investment platform, which has helped investors invest $75 million in businesses since it launched two years ago, will work with Adelaide University’s Thinc-Lab incubator, Health SA, TechinSA and InvestSA to connect Australian investors with local opportunities to accelerate growth.

The Australian operations will be headed by Dr Steven Fang, co-founder and former chief executive of Singaporean-based CapBridge. He has more than 28 years of experience in the private and public investment sectors.

He will be supported by a local team of business development specialists and core members of the Fundnel team.

“I’m excited to be on board with Fundnel, and to have the opportunity to work with the company’s well-calibrated and focused team,” he said. “Fundnel has already experienced success in Singapore, India and Indonesia, and Australia will be no exception.”

“It is already regarded as one of the leading innovation hubs in the region.”

Fundnel is a private investment platform that offers unlisted securities in growth and pre-IPO stage companies across industries to investors.

Similar to its South East Asia operations, Fundnel Australia will use algorithm-based deal processes to on-board companies for assessment, and then gated data rooms for investors to assess potential private investment opportunities.