Hong Kong headquartered settlement platform OKLink is claiming to be the first completely free corridor for remittances. Transfers of up to $100,000 per month to Singapore will be free of charge for all of 2017, the company said.

According to OKLink their global blockchain network is transforming the way money is transferred by both individuals and institutions, in terms of price, speed and transparency.

Payouts to 40 Countries

Launched in August 2016, it currently offers payouts to 40 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and already has more than 100 partners on its network. As of December 2016, OKLink had completed over 10,000 transactions via its settlement network.

«As the world’s largest global settlement network powered by blockchain, we can conduct cross-border payments faster and at a cheaper rate as more partners join the network. We believe that our initiative will make a revolutionary impact, especially for markets with a high degree of overseas workers,» said Jack C. Liu, Chief Strategy Officer at OKLink.

Within One Business Day

Transfers to Singapore can be made after registering an account at OKLink's website, and can be paid out to the receiving account as quickly as within one business day.