The latest YC Demo Day included 114 companies of which 9 were fintech.

* Bankjoy, a white label mobile banking platform for credit unions.

* Dealyze, a “Starbucks-like” loyalty program for any business. On its website, Dealyze is also described as the “Square of loyalty programs,” presumably meaning that it can help all small businesses.

* Direct Match, a marketplace for trading government bonds.

* Final, a tokenized credit card that generates a new number for each merchant (or, if the user prefers, each transaction) and offers a variety of app-based card controls.

* Kickpay, a marketplace where businesses can sell their invoices.

* Moltin, a shopping cart-building tool that supports Stripe and PayPal payments.

* Razorpay, Stripe-esque online payments for India.

* Seed, a business banking platform accessible via API. “Now you can manage your banking on mobile, on the web, or entirely with code,” the company’s website says. Seed is currently invitation-only.

* Spark Gift, which allows users to give stock as gifts.